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This is not your typical list of “Links”.  In fact, there is nothing like it anywhere else.  Your Fencing Club’s Website is fully functional and easily viewed by prospective fencers.  Proprintwear’s “Where to Fence” affords Fencing Clubs, Intercollegiate Fencing Teams and Intercollegiate Fencing Clubs with a singular location for all their Social Media pages in a fully functional and easily viewed format. 
As you up date you Fencing Club Website the updates automatically appear and there is no need to spend countless hours up dating other sites.   
We've added a "Goggle Map" with your Fencing Club address to each page.  Visitors may view all the Fencing Clubs in their area at one time and choose where they would like to start.
Presently this service is available to Intercollegiate Fencing Teams and Intercollegiate Fencing Clubs located within the United States.  It is also available for Fencing Clubs in Canada and the United States. 
In August of 2016, Proprintwear will open this service to Junior High and High School Fencing Teams in the United States. 
Proprintwear will open this service to “World Wide” for Fencing Clubs, Intercollegiate Fencing Teams and Intercollegiate Fencing Clubs in late August of 2016. 
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