Proprintwear is an "Official Merchandiser" and was established in 1996 as a Screen Printing Company that has grown into:  Embroidery, Vinyl Cutting, Laser Engraving and Cutting, Button Making and much more. Our owners have been involved with the Sport of Fencing since 1973 first as a Fencer, then as a National Referee and Supervised Fencing  Referees for the ECAC, the Intercollegiate Fencing Association and NCAA Regional Tournaments.

Proprintwear is proud to have “twice” (encompassing 9 years) been the “Official Merchandiser” for National Fencing
Organization and our financial contributions to the sport.

Proprintwear’s owners have also been involved with coaching Little League Baseball, Travel Baseball and Football, as well as being selected to photograph the 2010 NCAA Division I Lacrosse Men’s Quarter Final Playoffs at Stony Brook  University and the Official Photographer for the United States Fencing Association.

Proprintwear is proud to have contributed more than $750,000 to the Sport of Fencing through our Royalty Contribution Program where a percentage of every sale from tournaments and internet sales are returned to the hosting organization or club.  

Proprintwear welcomes official inquiries in becoming the “Official Merchandiser” for National Governing Bodies of Olympic Sports, as well as other National, Regional or Local Sporting Events. 

You may contact Proprintwear via email:  [email protected]